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Office Hours

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Our product range

At SupaZorb, we get to know our clients and their needs, thereby applying all our resources, research and knowledge to develop a system, service or a product according to their specifications.

All our products are custom made
- this allows us to make adjustments according to requirements -

Wheelie Bin Spill Kit

This includes a 240L Spill Kit stacked to the top with different sizes and types of absorbents, ideal for different situations.

Your company logo is also on the front of the Kit - at no additional charge.

Thereafter save costs with a refill - this includes all the products, except the wheelie bin.


Car Spill Kit

This compact kit has everything you need to contain a small spill, making it ideal to be kept in a vehicle.

Wheelie Bin Acid Spill Kit



Battery Spill Kit

As a safety precaution, it is important to have a Kit visible in the Parts Department. This kit is used to neutralise battery acid spills.


Battery REDOX Bag


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